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Discover the multiple advantages
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Our collection of bathroom niches is aimed at bathroom plumbing retailers, flooring specialists and kitchen designers.

Our company is experiencing an annual increase in turnover of over 30%! Seize this growing market quickly, and boost your sales with Zvelt.

We have more than 150 points of sale in Canada and we’re still growing!

We will do everything we can to ensure that your decision to become a merchant takes your business to new heights.

A profitable program:

High profit margin:

By selling Zvelt products, you can generate very strong profits for your business. Find out about the privileges and discount rates available when you display our products in store.


There is no minimum order.

In addition, we offer an additional discount on orders that surpass the established base amount.
You can capitalize on your purchasing power and get rewarded!

Simple, fast and economical marketing:

Take advantage of our multiple displays to showcase our bathroom wall niches, without having to pay large amounts for installation.

Choose a wall-mounted or free-standing display for a single niche, or a multiple display showing several models.

Zvelt has the top promotional tools, adapted to fit your showroom.

Our demonstration bathroom niches are offered at a very reasonable price

There is minimum initial investment required to start marketing easily, quickly, and economically.

Dynamic after-sales service:

Zvelt offers impeccable, prompt and courteous service. 

Your requests will be processed quickly. With our new site, you will be able to find the tracking and status of your orders easily, as well as order online.

You will have help from a reliable and dedicated team who you can easily talk to at any time.

Zvelt works with many experienced representatives covering a large territory to visit you regularly and help you out. They will keep you informed of new products or promotions, and keep you updated on our products

A large stock of products available:

Our large stock ensures you get the necessary products as quickly as possible. In addition, with our online store and using your user code, you can place your orders, view the products available in inventory, and be informed of the status of your order at all times.

Simplified delivery procedure:

Zvelt will take care of preparing your shipments, by either working with your transport company, or by finding you the best deal for transport.

Full coverage guarantee:

Zvelt offers a 5-year warranty on its niches. It is the most full coverage guarantee on the market. Our coloured bathroom wall niches are coated with a baked-on powder paint for added strength.

Quality products:

Zvelt offers wall niches with square interior corners. This is a more fashionable design, and in very high demand. Made by hand, they are far more expensive to produce, but the results are worth it – our designs offer more storage and interior space with 4 inches of depth, and their unique design promotes water drainage.

Our stainless steel wall niches are remarkable due to the quality of their brushing. Our painted niches boast a uniform finish, with paint evenly applied and free from dust.

Authentic Canadian design:

Zvelt niches have been designed, tested and developed in Quebec by our team.

Our collection of wall niches stands out from the competition with its many models and finishes available, and our production expertise. For many years, the Zvelt team has been collaborating with multiple well-known designers and architectural firms to produce unique high-end products.

Increased quality control:

Each bathroom wall niche is carefully inspected and packaged before being quickly dispatched, so you can be sure to receive your products defect-free and damage-free.

Continuous product development:

Zvelt is currently developing other related products and accessories. These will soon be available for our retailers.


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