How to Choose Your Bathroom Wall Niche ?

Zvelt expertise beyond the bathroom wall niches.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right wall niche for you – whether that’s in your bathroom, or another room.

The Ally 12″ X 12″ bathroom wall niche de ZVELT easily mounts anywhere. Ideal for tight spaces, its size allows for greater ease in positioning if there are obstacles behind your walls. Some customers use more than one in their layout to increase storage capacity, and can then create exactly the type of space they want.

The Andy 12″X 24″ horizontal bathroom wall niche offers a bigger space for a smaller price, and lends a beautiful aesthetic to your room. This bathroom niche is installed horizontally in the bathroom, or you can choose to have it above your nightstands in the bedroom. It provides additional storage to your existing space, or a place where you can display your precious objects. Installation is slightly more complex, as you will need to adjust the vertical posts which are normally spaced every 12″ to 18″.

The Acia 24″ X 12″ vertical bathroom wall niche 24’’ X 12 model maximizes storage space, with a shelf structured for maximum water and residue drainage. The lower storage space is designed to hold large bottles. With its vertical installation, this model fits in well between wall beams and studs. Its practical shape also makes it very useful in the kitchen, where it is often used to store spices and oils.

The Ana 8” X 36″ bathroom wall niche is the vertical model with the most storage. It has two shelves designed to maximize water drainage, and more space with its three compartments. The lower storage space gives you room to store large bottles. Its narrow shape makes installation between beams and studs easy.
This format is ideal for giving a whole new purpose to a narrow wall.

The Alba 12″ X 48″ large bathroom wall niche is our largest model available. Installation requires more work due to its size, and will also require a support frame to accommodate the niche. In addition, make sure that the surface of the wall is perfectly flat. A curved wall will not work properly. This majestic bathroom wall niche brings splendour to everything around it, showcasing what it holds. Available in all finishes, this full-size bathroom niche is usually installed above the bath area, but is also popular in open-plan showers.

What type of finish to choose for your bathroom wall niche:

Colour? Stainless steel ? Or maybe a mirror finish ?

A colour finish is the solution with the least amount of maintenance. It is important to know that a bathroom niche with a brushed stainless steel finish or a mirror finish should be rinsed and wiped down after each use to preserve its long-term appearance. Despite needing more careful maintenance, however, the industrial and modern look of steel appeals to many customers.

 Do you prefer colour? Do you want to create a contrasting effect? Or perhaps you want your bathroom wall niche to match the colour of your wall? There are no bad choices. It’s really a matter of personal taste and style.

One of the advantages of choosing a wall niche is that it is easier to replace it with another finish if you decide to change your decor in the future!

 For ideas on layout and integrating your wall niche, visit Zvelt’s Instagram account.

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