Installation guide

Zvelt Wall Niche Collection

For niches : Ana 36 x 8, Alba12 x 48 , Acia 24 x 12TAndy 12 x 24, Ally 12 x 12
Thank you for choosing a Zvelt wall niche. Carefully follow the steps in this installation guide to fully enjoy your new purchase.


Niches de salle de bain Zvelt

Required tools :

  • Silicone Adhesive
  • Scissors
  • Drywall saw
  • Pencil
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
  • Double Sided Tape (Included )
  • Masking tape

Important : The alcove requires that the section of the wall has a minimum depth of 4 inches to be installed. (Fig.1-2)

Step 1

Trace the opening to be cut by referring to the table (Fig.3) Ensure that the tracing is leveled. Cut this section of the wall out with a drywall knife or grinder in the case of a tiled surface.

Step 2 (optional)

To ensure an optimal waterproofing, it is recommended to install drywall panels on each side of the opening (while respecting given dimensions) and glue a waterproof membrane inside. (Fig.4-5)

Step 3

Using the double-sided tape provided, cut several two inches (2’’) sections. Apply the tapes at the shown locations on the illustration and ensure to position them toward the inside of the niche. (Fig.6)
Tip : Before the next step, test the wall niche inside the opening to make sure that the dimensions are correct.

Step 4

Remove the remaining protective film from the two-sided tape (Fig.7). Apply silicone adhesive all around the niche at the location shown (Fig.8)

Step 5

Pull off the protective film (Fig.9). Carefully insert the alcove into the opening, making sure that it is level and that a proper pressure is applied to allow the double-sided tape and silicone to adhere (Fig.10)
Tip : Clean the silicone excess only when fully dry.

Step 6

Use masking tape to hold the niche in place against the wall (Fig.11). Once the silicone is fully dry, remove the masking tape and seal the alcove all around with silicone (Fig.12).

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