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9 Tips for Maintaining Wall Niches

How to Maintain and preserve a bathroom wall niche, 5 tips and tricks

Maintaining a bathroom niche with a coloured finish (baked-on paint) or PVD

  • 1.Clean with a damp cloth and mild soap. It’s best to use a microfibre cloth.
  • 2. Do not use any abrasive tools or cleaners.
  • 3. Rinse with fresh water and wipe off any residue after each use.
  • 4. Rusting metal containers can damage the surface of your niche – avoid them at all costs.
  • 5. Prolonged contact with certain cosmetic products could stain the surface.

How to maintain a bathroom niche with a brushed stainless steel and mirror finish

  • 1. Use only microfibre cloths and stainless steel cleaners.
  • 2. Wipe in the direction of the grain for stainless steel niches.
  • 3. Stainless steel is water resistant. However, prolonged contact with steel (metal) accessories or certain cosmetics can damage the surface and cause partial corrosion. If this happens, use a stainless steel decontaminant (CLR). Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • 4. To remove a slight scratch on a brushed stainless steel niche, use a very light abrasive pad and brush lightly several times in the direction of the grain.

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